EJ 13

Châssis n°5 - Ford Cosworth CR4

The Jordan EJ 13 has been completely restored in our Magny-Cours workshops in exactly the same way as it was when it left the stable in 2003.

Our team of experts has put particular care in the search for each element, it is equipped with a V10 Ford Costhworth CR4 engine developing 810 horsepower as it originally did.

The Jordan EJ 13 is ready to race on track days, historic GP.

EJ 13

Châssis n°5- Ford Cosworth CR4

Weights and dimensions:

Front track: 1500mm

Rear track: 1418mm

Weight: 600kg

Engine: Ford Cosworth CR4

Type: 10 V cylinders

Cylinder capacity: 3500cm3

Power: 810 hp à 17 500 tr/min

Weight: 133kg

EJ 13

Châssis n°5 - Ford Cosworth CR4

Year: 2003

Pilotes: Giancarlo Fisichella and Ralph Firman

Participations of the car in the 2003 F1 World Championships Grand Prix:

Germany: Giancarlo Fisichella

Hungary: Giancarlo Fisichella

Italy: Giancarlo Fisichella

USA: Giancarlo Fisichella

Japan: Giancarlo Fisichella


GP of Italy: 10th with Giancarlo Fisichella

GP of the USA: 7th with Giancarlo Fisichella


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